Active 30 minutes

Active 30 minutes

Here at Moulton Primary School, we have fully recognised the need for our school to support children in being active for 30 minutes each day following the recommendations set down by the Chief Medical Officer. We have, purposefully, made provision in our school day to furnish all pupils with opportunities to have 30 active minutes outside timetabled curriculum P.E.

The Active 30 minutes will benefit and support our pupils in developing positive behaviour, improving mental health, sustaining concentration for longer to support academic performance, and developing an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Daily Mile

We began trialling the Daily Mile last year. This year we have launched it as a whole school activity.  Throughout the day, each class will jog or walk a mile around the playground or on our new pathway around the school field.  This has already contributed to a positive effect on the children’s physical fitness as well as their emotional well-being.  Some children have even used the Daily Mile as a way of developing new social relationships and enjoying a range of running buddies.


Active Lesson Breaks

We know that having regular activity throughout the day stimulates children’s brains as well as their bodies.

Our teachers use a range of well-timed 2-5 minute active breaks between lessons to refocus and reduce restlessness.  The children have really enjoyed taking part in a range of activities from dance and mini-work outs, to performing songs with actions.  These activities have helped to stimulate the children and made them more receptive to learning.