School Competition

School Competition

It is important that we nurture competiveness in our students.  We believe that children should experience competition in a variety of ways in order to help them develop important life skills.

Competition is crucial for developing both the children’s personal and social skills.  It can develop confidence, self-discipline, leadership, promote British values by playing by the rules and promote team building skills.

We understand that competition and competitiveness needs to be fostered through our curriculum by providing opportunities for children to challenge themselves to improve personal bests and compete against others in individual and team situations.

Throughout the year we provide both Key Stages with a range of competitive opportunities and festivals to experience different sports.

Intra Competition

These competitions are events where the children compete against other house teams or class teams.

Air = Yellow          Earth = Green             Fire = Red             Water = Blue

 Wednesday 11th November House Cross Country

On Thursday 11th November, Key Stage 2 took to the outdoors to compete in the House Cross Country championships.  The children were so excited that they could take part in this event and a huge number of them turned out to be involved.  Fantastic!

The day may have started very damp and miserable but it soon brightened up for the perfect running conditions.  Each year group took part in their own races.  The top 3 finishers for each house all scored points for their respective House Team.  It was great to see the determination and self-belief that our children showed to complete the races and not give up.  We were amazed at the great encouragement and support the children gave each other while they took part in the event.

A big well done to the top six finishers from each race who have also claimed a spot on the Moulton Cross Country Team and will have the opportunity to compete at Daventry Sports Park against 20 other teams on Wednesday 24th November as part of the School Games programme.

Well done to everyone!


Inter Competition

These competitions are events where our school teams compete against other schools.  These are organised in collaboration with our local school sports partnership and our school cluster.

Friday 22nd October Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

Moulton Primary competed in a tag rugby competition at Daventry Rugby club.  It had been a long time since many of our Year 5 and 6 students (for some the first time) had represented the school in a competitive sporting event.  Both teams had great fun taking part and had the excitement of competing in many tensely fought games. Our teams finished sixth and eleventh and represented themselves admirably both on and off the pitch.

Well done team Moulton.

Upcoming events

Wednesday 24th November Daventry Cross Country Festival

Thursday 25th November Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics