At Moulton Primary School, we want all our children to be enthusiastic, confident and life-long readers and if they are to achieve this, not only must we teach them the key reading skills but also foster a passion for reading!

Through our reading strategy, we want to achieve the following:

  • For all children to love reading!
  • For children to be able to read independently; to choose one book, and to read that book with enthusiasm and good understanding.
  • For children to carry on developing their reading skills throughout Key Stage 2 so that they understand what they read and can learn from what they read.
  • For parents to support children with their reading past the early reading stage, and on through the stage at which they seem to be able to read independently.

Most children will become independent readers around Y2 or 3; this is typically when they have mastered their phonics and can ‘decode’ most texts accurately. This is the crucial stage when children need to read high quality ‘real’ books; books which extend their love of stories, develop their language skills and enhance their awareness of the world outside of their everyday experience. Scheme reading books do not do this. They are designed to ‘scaffold’ the learning to read process, and for this reason are often not very interesting or stimulating to young readers. After time, children become bored with reading and see it as a chore!

Therefore, we need parents to carry on supporting children once they become independent readers.

For further support with children’s reading:-