I can't volunteer on a regular basis, I don't have time?  Can I still be involved?

Of course!  We understand that all parents’ lead busy lives and any amount of help that can be offered will be appreciated and valued.  Please come along and join us!

How much time do I need to give up to be involved in FOMPS?

It depends on the time you have available.  As stated above, any help available is always appreciated.  A full committee member might attend at least one committee meeting per term plus the AGM, whereas an 'occasional helper' can do as little or as much as they want – sell tickets, help out at events, make teas, etc. Please come and support us no matter how much time you can give.

Aren’t all PTA’s a bit cliquey – will I fit in?

Some PTA’s are cliquey, but FOMPS is certainly not!  Everyone involved in FOMPS has one common aim.  That is to enhance the experience our children have during their time at Moulton Primary School.  The committee is open to all parents and everyone’s ideas will be listened to.  FOMPS' aim is to be inclusive not exclusive. Come along and join us and see how it feels for you.

Why should I get involved in FOMPS?

The aim of FOMPS is to raise funds which benefits the children of the school.  As a parent of a child at Moulton Primary by joining FOMPS you can influence how we raise funds, how much we raise and what activities we do to help us raise money.  Your child will benefit from the work we do.  Please get involved…don’t leave it to others!

What are the benefits to me if I join FOMPS?

FOMPS are a genuinely friendly bunch of parents.  The meetings we have are sociable and we enjoy what we do and have fun doing it.  By joining FOMPS you will meet parents of children at school, you will be involved in raising money for our school and your children and you may even have a little fun along the way!

Go on then, I am convinced FOMPS is a good thing to do…how do I join?

You can either keep an eye on the website or in the newsletter for the date of the next meeting or just come along or you can email Lucy Braithwaite at to get involved now!