Our Curriculum

Curriculum Rationale
The curriculum at Moulton Primary School puts children at the centre, where positive relationships, built on mutual trust and respect underpins everything we do. Our ambitious curriculum exposes the children to enriching experiences, immersing them in progressive knowledge and skills, which are revisited and built upon over time. Our curriculum equips the children with the fundamental skills and qualities required to succeed in life.

At Moulton Primary School, we understand the importance of teaching a broad and balanced curriculum. We know the importance of fostering a love of learning and supporting children to express themselves as individuals.

Curriculum Aims:
To ensure that our curriculum supports our school’s context we believe this can be achieved by:

• Having ambition for themselves by learning about people from different places and from the past. To be inspired to have ambitious aspirations and goals for the future.

• Understanding diversity – children will know and appreciate what the world has to offer and how it differs from Moulton. We would like children to develop the skills of being able to tolerate, respect and value differences that develop their collaboration skills to deal with a diverse range of people.

• To know about the world – we would like the children to be inquisitive to learn about a world far wider than that in which they live. The children will learn and respect the beauty and diversity of the natural world around them and learn how they can help create a more sustainable world for all living things.

We are committed and passionate about providing a curriculum with breadth that allows all of our children to achieve their full potential. We believe that children must be able to orally communicate effectively, accurately write for a range of purposes and apply their knowledge of mathematical patterns and concepts. When this is achieved, children can then access a wide range of new knowledge that will then build over time as our curriculum progresses. Children must be able to hook new knowledge onto existing prior knowledge to fully appreciate and understand the subject of study. Ensuring these building blocks are carefully planned and revisited over time, along with our commitment to mastering skills across core subjects, we can ensure that our children are successful throughout their journey with us at Moulton.

All children will access our curriculum and will experience success, no matter their barriers or starting point.

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