Families (Tull, Crick and Spencer)

At Moulton Primary School we split ourselves into three families across school - Tull, Crick and Spencer. Each year group has one class per family. We enjoy and celebrate many successes across our families through weekly family assemblies and celebrations. Each family collects tokens and these are collected in once a week. At the end of each term the family with the most amount of tokens receives a family reward.

The names of the families are very unique to our school and link closely with Northamptonshire.


Our Prefect Team

We are thrilled to introduce our new prefect team for this year. All members of Year 6 are invited to apply for the prestigious role of prefect at the start of the new year. The standard of applications this year has been outstanding and the Senior Leadership Team have spent a long time considering each application, consulting the Year 5 and 6 teachers to elect children into their roles. We have thought carefully about which role is most appropriate for each child and are confident that we have made a great choice. The applications were written brilliantly, detailing some superb and creative ideas for improving our school for all of the children.

Our expectations of the prefects are high; prefects set very high standards for themselves and expect others to follow. They will visible around school, wearing their lanyards so that they are easily identified by other children.

Our prefect team is split into three roles this year; Family Heads, Prefects and Library Team. Each role comes with significant responsibility focusing on the effective running of the school. Throughout the year, the prefect team will assist with various events. They will support at parent meetings and open evenings, meet visitors to the school, develop key areas of the school site, attend School Council meetings on behalf of their family as well as many other day-to-day duties.




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