Maths at Moulton Primary

We now follow Essential Maths for our approach to maths in school. The set of sequences we use to plan children’s learning is designed by subject experts, rooted in research, covering the entire mathematics curriculum from Early Years to Year 6.

We use a range of concrete and pictorial representations to understand new learning and children regularly have opportunities experience maths practically. Each lesson includes a variety of tasks designed to deepen and extend mathematical thinking for all learners.

We use destination questions to ensure children have understood new learning and to allow teachers to keep assessing and informing the children’s learning against age-related expectations.

Children who find it difficult to keep pace with the learning in class receive additional support to catch up and close any gaps in their understanding.

There are many fun and easily adaptable games and activities which enrich children’s experience of their maths learning and consolidate some of the key concepts taught in class available using the link below.

Children can easily access these games at home and will be familiar with many of them from their maths lessons in school.




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