Why is it important for children not to miss school?

The link between good attendance and good progress for children is proven. Poor attendance can result in children falling behind their peers and developing confidence and friendship issues.  Imagine missing a week of training at work and being asked to slot back in and keep up with everyone else.  We are aware that some absences are unavoidable and caused by illness, but a significant proportion are due to holidays and appointments taken during term time.

Pupils whose attendance is good:

  • Understand lessons better
  • Achieve better results
  • Sustain friendships
  • Have a good self-esteem/positive/confident
  • Get better jobs in the future

Unauthorised absences

In line with changes to school legislation in 2013, schools cannot authorise any absences for reasons other than illness, emergency medical appointments and days for religious observance. Absences for any other reasons cannot be authorised other than in exceptional circumstances. Please see information from the Local Authority on the left side-bar regarding fixed-penalty notices for unauthorised absences.

Please think about what you can do to prevent your child from missing school:

  • Make sure children understand the importance of good attendance and punctuality.
  • Share any worries they may have about school with their teachers so that these can be sorted out.
  • Do not encourage time-off for minor ailments – particularly those that would not prevent parents from going to work.
  • Arrange appointments for after school or in holidays.
  • Don’t book term-time holidays – we know they cost less, but there is also a cost to children’s education.


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