Good To Be Gold Behaviour Policy

Good to be Gold is our school behaviour policy.

It is straightforward and easy to follow which helps children understand what the expectations for good behaviour are, and how to reach them. It is based on our Rainbow of Responsibility which underpins our school values of respect and is centered around five simple Golden Rules:

  • Always be prepared to learn and try your best
  • Always listen carefully and follow instructions
  • Always be polite; use kind hands, feet and words
  • Always walk quietly and on the left
  • Always take care of our school

Each class has a special wall chart in which the children each have a GOLD card. If children follow the golden rules all week, they keep their card in the chart and finish the week gold.

The reward for being gold is Gold Playtime every Friday afternoon; it is a special playtime with extra equipment to make it more fun for children. At the end of each term, children that have managed to stay gold receive a special certificate, and at the end of the school year, children that have been gold all year have a special treat! On a Friday we have a Gold Assembly in which all the gold children in each class stand up and are congratulated by the rest of the school. Classes that are completely gold have a star for their class picture in the school hall.

If behaviour is inappropriate and children break these rules, they are given a warning and if this does not improve behaviour it is followed by ayellow card. If the poor behaviour continues, children are given a red card and are no longer gold. The red card is recorded in the class Behaviour Book and parents are sent a Red Card Report form which they are asked to sign and return. Children who are not gold have not earned a gold playtime on a Friday afternoon.

Usually red cards are a one-off and children quickly learn to change their behaviour; however, sometimes it is necessary to meet with parents to agree a plan to help them improve their behaviour. For more information, see our Behaviour Policy and Behaviour poster on the left-hand side of this page.