Parental Concerns and Complaints

How are parental concerns managed by the school?

  • When parents speak to us about a concern, or contact us in other ways (home-school book, letter, email), we record it on a Concern and Complaint Form - we call this a Blue Form. Blue Forms are not shared with parents as these often hold information about named children; however, we may summarise these for parents if needed.
  • Teachers give a copy of all Blue Forms to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and these are held in a central file by the Headteacher.
  • Concerns are evaluated by the SLT to determine what further actions are required and who will carry these out; this includes looking for patterns or links to previous issues.
  • Higher level concerns are dealt with by an SLT member, in partnership with the class teacher.

What are typical outcomes from concerns and complaints?

The following actions may take place when a concern has been investigated:

  • Sanctions given in-line with school Behaviour Policy: warning, red/yellow cards, written or verbal apology to others, time-out, parents informed.
  • Meeting/phone call with parents of children involved.
  • Further support for children may be necessary - e.g. emotional, social or well-being intervention with class-based staff or the school Learning Mentor.

How do we review/monitor issues?

Previous issues are routinely monitored by the SLT and class-based staff; the following actions may occur:

  • Teachers ‘check-in’ with children to find out if there have been any further problems.
  • Children may be reminded of agreed behaviour targets.
  • Senior staff may review individual concerns to check that issues remain resolved.
  • Parents may receive a follow-up phone-call.