Our Curriculum
At Moulton, our curriculum provides learning opportunities that engage our children, that helps them to develop key skills, knowledge and understanding that promotes their creativity and innovation so that they can express and share their learning with a sense of purpose and pride.Our expectations for children’s achievement are high. We want them all to attain well in the core areas of reading, writing, maths and information technology. However, we also want them to apply these skills in real life situations that reflect their place in the wider world.

Our curriculum helps children to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills through collaboration, challenge and enquiry-based learning. This helps them to become resilient and resourceful learners that are confident to work together and take risks that help them to grow.

This broad and balanced, skills and knowledge-based curriculum is rich in opportunities for practical, active and explorative learning. We enhance this with a variety of trips, visitors, outdoor learning activities and a series of whole-school themed weeks throughout the year enhance the learning opportunities, providing first-hand experiences for all our children.

Beyond the Curriculum
Moulton is an Artsmark school. This means that we recognise and value the role that a broad and creative curriculum has on children’s overall achievement and well-being. This means that all children at Moulton will learn a musical instrument, learn to dance and complete art and design projects. This also includes having access to a varied range of extra-curricular clubs as well as a wide range of sporting activities, over and above their curriculum PE lessons.

Called the ‘wider curriculum’, we give children as many diverse opportunities as we can to take part in activities that build self-esteem, confidence, resilience and develop positive relationships.